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7 ways smart home tech can save you money

For me, one of the earmarks of truly great technology is that it is efficient in all ways. Everyone knows that the smart home tech we install on a daily basis makes life more efficient in terms of time, clutter and wires, but actually my favorite part is that it is also financially efficient. Meaning of course, it can SAVE YOU MONEY. As I’ve seen over and over, efficiency breeds efficiency. So, the more efficiently your home is set up, the more financially efficient it will run. Allow me to elaborate.

Save on lighting
When it comes to smart lighting, there are two ways to save. The beginner’s form of saving is buying LED bulbs. This is pretty much a no brainer. LEDs have come so far when it comes to the look (no more harsh blue light), and overall efficiency. They last for what feels like forever.

To kick things up a notch, the answer is Control4, as it is with most things. With a Control4 setup, you will never be left paying to light an empty room again. Settings allow for daily programs that turn the lights on when you are home, and off when you aren’t. To take the savings even a step further, you can also select a specific dimness since dimmer lights use less wattage and are therefore less expensive.

Save on heating + cooling
When it comes to heating and cooling your home, there are three ways you can expect to save. First, and the reason that a lot of people go with a smart thermostat to begin with, is the ability to set programs for when you are home and away. If you forget to turn off the air while you’re on a two week vacation, you can also easily adjust from your phone.

The next way to save is with ceiling fans. So many people love to run a ceiling fan in the summer, but then forget to turn it off. We install fans with motion sensors and/or timers so you’re never cooling off an empty room again.

And lastly, smart shades are a great way to insulate a home throughout the year. Create summer/winter specific programs to allow for natural light, but also avoid furniture fading sun, and drafty windows.

Save on water
So we have a few different spins on saving in this category. The first way you can save here is by installing a smart leak sensor. This tiny piece of tech will alert you right away of an issue, potentially saving thousands and thousands of dollars, and hours of time and stress.

Also, if you have an irrigation system, this should most definitely run through your Control4 since the system will tell you the cheapest and most effective times to run your water.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, the bi-product of saving money, is also saving energy! The Earth and your wallet both thank you!

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