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Technology In Modern Conference Rooms

We craft custom conference room solutions, combining video conferencing, room scheduling, audio/video, lighting, and automation, to give your staff a seamless meeting experience. With room scheduling, associates can sign up for conference rooms, confident that there won't be any conflicts. When the time comes for the meeting, lights will be on and the audio/video equipment will automatically be ready for the meeting to start. A video conferencing system, comprised of smart cameras and microphones, will let you have meetings with remote clients and workers as if you're in the same room.

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Video Conferencing For Small to Large Businesses

In practice, we use the main conference room systems in many different configurations, to suit your unique needs. A start up might find one or two central collaboration spaces to be useful, whereas larger corporations may need a suite of conference rooms, with a room scheduling system, to hold many simultaneous meetings.

  • Intuitive and usable audio/video technology will help you conduct meetings and present information more efficiently.

  • Video conference with remote workers and clients as if you're in the same room together.

  • Integrate with a lighting and shade control system to automatically turn down the lights for presentations.

  • Room schedulers allow employees to schedule meetings, confident that there won't be any future conflicts.

  • Properly installed and integrated displays will turn on automatically and connect as needed, and otherwise stay out of the way.

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Smart conference rooms are the perfect demonstration for our broad range of technology expertise. A good meeting room encompasses many different technologies, from video conferencing to AV, and we know what it takes to design and install a system that your organization will love.