Digital Signage

Public video displays for businesses.

Video Displays for Businesses

Communicate with your customers and employees - provide directions, make announcements, or advertise your services quickly and effectively - with public video displays. The wide range of display types available, from typical flat panels to specialty aspect ratio displays, video walls, and even flexible and two-sided panels, allow for more practical and visually striking use cases than ever before.

Digital Signage Explained

How You Can Use Digital Signage

Most businesses can make use of digital signage in some way. Organizations with large facilities can display maps to help customers navigate, or a live display of incoming orders can help improve sales and logistics operations. Throughout the years, we've helped many different types of organizations use digital signage to improve their business. We bring this experience to all of our projects, meaning we will show you how businesses similar to yours have successfully used digital signage in the past.

  • Make announcements and display other relevant information for visitors.

  • Display live information, like received orders, security camera feeds, or scheduled appointments in conference rooms.

  • Use video walls for visual impact in large spaces, or to display large amounts of information.

  • User-friendly back-end interface for updating content on the fly.

  • Provide instructions for visitors to easily navigate your facility.

  • Turn displays on and off automatically on a schedule by integrating with an automation and control system.

  • Innovative technologies like two sided and curved displays are now a reality.

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How We Do It

Digital Signage systems have two main components, starting with the video display-essentially a ruggedized version of a typical television set, stripped of unnecessary software, built to withstand constant use. Variations exist, like units with an almost invisible bezel, to create video walls, or others with odd aspect ratios to fit different spaces and information. The second component, the digital signage media player system and related components, handle the scheduling of content across your whole system and provide an interface for your staff to publish content. A reliable local network, though not required, will expand your system's capabilities, for example by displaying live information or allowing for remote content updates.