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Consistent and reliable networking solutions for your business.

Networking for Businesses

Businesses that rely on the internet or technology for operations need appropriately powerful networks. Our clients include many organizations with stringent requirements for security, up-time, preventative maintenance, and phone/onsite support, giving us valuable experience in designing and supporting world-class networks.

Networking and WiFi Explained

How We Design and Install Enterprise Networks

We first define your organization's security, speed, and other requirements by understanding how your business plans to use your network, and technology in general, since most technologies rely on a network in some way. Then we will study the physical layout your office to specify the physical equipment that will power your network, and plan the wiring and installation. After installation, we will provide continuous support, to quickly resolve unforeseen issues and upgrade your system as your business grows.

  • Wireless access points, installed around your business, provide consistent WiFi coverage in every corner.

  • Certified cabling and installation techniques ensure lightning fast internet.

  • We offer optional unlimited phone and 24-hour onsite support to ensure smooth operations.

  • Remote monitoring lets us troubleshoot networking and device issues, sometimes before you even realize.

  • Dedicated hardwired connections to your stationary devices, like printers, workstations, and other shared devices ensure reliable connectivity.

  • Enterprise level security for your network will protect your data.

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How We Do It

Installing a professional network requires both physical craftsmanship and technical know-how. Craftsmanship is needed to properly manage wiring and install devices that blend into the environment, while technical ability is needed to properly design, configure, optimize, and secure your network. Our ongoing service plans give you continuous access to our experts, letting you focus on your business while we manage your technology.