Apartment Automation

Automation and control systems for apartments and condos.

Smart Apartments

Automation and control systems are one of the most practical investments you can make for your property, with the added benefit of being convenient and a pleasure to use. Automation helps reduce utility costs for tenants, reduces wear and tear on your building infrastructure, and provides an intuitive and unified interface to control all of your devices and systems.

Benefits of Automation Systems

How Apartment Automation Works

Systems we automate regularly include thermostats, lighting, audio/video, and even door locks and window coverings. These systems can either be put on a schedule, react automatically based on sensor data or other activity, or controlled in real time. In apartment buildings, landlords, property managers, and staff can control common devices in common areas, while tenants will each only control systems in their unit.

  • Automate your tenants' climate and lighting control systems to reduce utilities.

  • Schedule routine tasks for common areas, like turning on lights or unlocking doors.

  • Connect with your apartment security system to make sure everything is off when leaving the home.

  • Tenants can control their home systems using an intuitive smart phone app or voice control.

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How We Do It

All Automation systems start with the controller, or "brain" of the system, along with the smart phone app and any other controlling interfaces. All of the practical functionality of the system is added system by system as needed, by replacing and augmenting traditional appliances with smart devices.