Audio/Video for Apartments

Music, movies, and television for tenants and landlords.

The Benefits of a Custom Audio/Video

Discerning tenants with high end tastes expect the latest entertainment amenities in their home. We offer builders and landlords easily repeatable and mix-and-match audio/video packages to drop into your projects as needed. Our most common packages include multi-room music, media rooms, and hi-fi music systems.

Audio/Video Explained

Today's AV Systems

Over the years, Digital Systems has designed AV solutions for apartments of many different sizes and shapes. Whether you're a builder offering custom solutions to new buyers, or a landlord looking to offer high end amenities, we can work with you to offer mix-and-match bundles to suit your clients' needs.

  • Offer your tenants immersive entertainment that they will love.

  • Let your clients control the whole system through their smart phone or voice.

  • Smart speaker systems let you enjoy music throughout the day.

  • Dolby Atmos places speakers both in the ceiling and at ear level for realistic sound that moves around you.

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More Multifamily Residential Solutions

How We Do It

AV systems are one of our favorite applications of the technologies we use at Digital Systems. It brings together many systems, including audio and video, automation, lighting, networking, and more to work together to create a single experience. The best part is that your tenants can enjoy many of these systems, like lighting and a good network, by themselves, bringing you more return on your investment