Intercom & Access Control Systems

Entry and buzzer systems for apartments and condos.

Today's Entry Systems

Intercom and access control systems are seen in almost every apartment in Chicago, not only for security, but also for convenience. Today, with almost everyone owning a smart phone, a new generation of apartment entry system has emerged, with remote calling, video intercoms, and other advanced features firmly within the grasp of most landlords and property managers.

Apartment Intercoms Explained

Modern Access Control Systems

By combining traditional apartment access control systems with recent innovations in smart phones, we're able to design systems more powerful than ever before. Considering the expectations of modern consumers, these modern features are needed to set yourself apart to renters and homeowners.

  • Live video and two-way voice communication for tenants to speak with guests at the door.

  • Optional remote connectivity allows tenants to communicate with guests remotely from their smart phone.

  • Secure your tenants from unwanted guests and intruders.

  • Give security personnel or the door person a dedicated command center.

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How We Do It

Apartment entry systems are composed of several components, including smart locks, cameras, and the intercom system for communication. The components are then integrated with each other, along with any other technology systems you might have, like your security and automation systems, to provide a seamless experience for tenants and guests.