Networking & WiFi for Apartments

WiFi and connectivity for your buildings and your tenants.

The Benefits of a Custom Network

The equipment typically sold by internet service providers are out of date, and prove unreliable over time. Tenants that rely on their internet for productivity or use connected technology systems will benefit from a custom network. We take into account the physical layout of your building, including any possible WiFi interference issues from adjacent units, to design a reliable network that will act as a foundation of tenant's technology system.

Networking and WiFi Explained

How To Design a Network

Networks start with a modem and router, which manage the traffic and security concerns. Add to that network switches, wiring, and wall plates that will connect all stationary devices, like media streamers or printers; for many apartments this might not be necessary. Last, we install wireless access points in key parts around your building to provide consistent WiFi coverage throughout, even outside. Each unit in your building will receive its own set of networking hardware, plus one for the common areas, if you want to provide guest WiFi or other amenities.

  • Wireless access points, installed around the apartments and building, provide consistent WiFi coverage in every corner.

  • Hardwired connections to tenants' stationary devices, like printers, workstations, or media streamers ensure reliable connectivity.

  • Remote monitoring lets us troubleshoot networking and device issues, before your tenants even realize something when wrong.

  • Tenants can use WiFi in the backyard, balcony, basement, and other peripheral areas.

  • Service plans for unlimited technical support calls, plus 24-hour in-person service.

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How We Do It

Installing a professional network requires both physical craftsmanship and technical know-how. Craftsmanship is needed to properly manage wiring and beautifully install devices that blend into the environment, while technical ability is needed to properly design, configure, optimize, and secure your network.