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Using home automation, you can control your home, from your lights to your irrigation system, with your phone or voice. You can easily synchronize multiple lights to a single switch or control everything in your entertainment system with a single button. Stop constantly worrying about routine household tasks like turning off the lights when leaving your home; automate them instead.

Benefits of Home Automation

Why do we need Smart Homes?

Home automation makes your home more convenient, and coordinates different systems together. Set your thermostat, turn off all the lights, and arm your security system when you leave for work. Or, you can start warming the pool and play music in the backyard with a single button. We're only limited by our imagination. Used regularly, a home automation system will save you an incredible amount of time everyday, help you be more efficient while going about daily tasks, and reduce energy use.

  • Smart lights can synchronize multiple lights together or automatically turn them on or off as needed.

  • Shade control lets you adjust your window coverings with your smart home app or your voice.

  • Put your sprinkler on a schedule, control them with your phone, and automatically adjust for the weather.

  • Video doorbells let you see who's at the front door, talk to them, and with a smart lock, even let them in.

  • Use your voice to control your smart home, from the music to the lights.

  • Securing your home is easier when connected to your smart home, making it a part of your daily routine.

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How We Do It

Home automation is the convergence of many different systems. Between your individual needs and the nature of your home, automating your home requires expertise in a wide range of services including Control4 programming, local network design, smart lighting, and more.