Multi-Room Home Audio Set-Up Services

Seamless music all throughout your home.

What Is Multi-Room Audio?

A multi-room home audio system installation, also known as distributed audio, lets your family enjoy their favorite music in every room. You can control the music with your voice, and even synchronize zones if you have company over. When connected with a lighting and shade control system, an integrated home audio system can easily set the perfect ambiance when going about your daily routine, like cooking or working out.

Benefits of Multi-Room Audio

Designing a Whole-Home Audio Experience

Before performing a whole-home audio installation, we have to first understand your habits and priorities. After we define your needs and any other requirements, we will study your home and propose combinations of feasible products, configurations, and capabilities for your whole-home audio setup. Using this information, we can work together to arrive at the perfect multi-room audio system installation for your home.

  • Enjoy music all around your home, controlled by a single app (or even your voice.)

  • Synchronize zones of music for "party mode," or play different music in different rooms as you please.

  • Connect with smart lighting and shades when setting up your home audio system to create shortcuts for the perfect atmosphere.

  • Integrate your home audio system installation with your smart home to automatically turn off your music when going to bed or leaving the house.

  • Enjoy music outdoors with hidden architectural speakers and subwoofers.

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How We Do It

Installing a whole home audio system that you'll love requires both craftsmanship and technical know-how. Craftsmanship is needed to properly manage wiring and beautifully install devices that blend into the environment, while technical ability is needed to properly design, configure, integrate, and optimize your multi-room audio system and make it easy to use.