Access Control

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What Is Access Control?

Access control systems limit people's access to rooms and other doors using smart locks. Guests request access using an intercom with two-way communication, and you can let them in at the touch of a button after confirming their identity. Employees, cleaners, or other users can have unique PIN codes or RFID cards, letting you control who goes where, and keep track of who is around.

Main Benefits

  • Smart Gates

    Automatically open and close your gate when you leave or arrive, or open it for guests after confirming their identity with connected cameras and two-way communication.

  • Key Fobs and Cards

    Assign unique cards to personnel, with or without photos and identification, and grant them access only to appropriate rooms at the given times.

  • Maintenance Access

    Let cleaners and maintenance staff inside automatically and securely. Make sure they can only get access during assigned hours, and keep track of how long they are there.

  • Monitor Usage

    User activity is recorded, meaning you can easily see who was where at what time. This makes employee theft and other foul play much easier to control.

Access Control Solutions

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