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Video displays for homes and businesses.

Modern Display Technology

Televisions and projectors have advanced tremendously in the past few years. Today's TVs are less than an inch thick, with life-like 4K imagery and high dynamic range, which reproduces rich black colors without blurriness or the "glowing" sometimes seen in traditional displays in dark scenes. Projectors have also matured similarly, with a variety of models available to suit your needs, from ultra-short throw laser projectors for board rooms, to cinema-grade projectors for a home theater.

Main Benefits

  • Flat Panel LED Displays

    We prefer the residential and commercial displays form Sony, Samsung, and Sunbrite (for outdoor use) though we can also use your preferred model.

  • Cinema Projectors

    Create theater-like entertainment in the home or stunning visuals at your business for customers and colleagues.

  • Video Walls

    Welcome and inform staff or customers with high resolution standing displays

  • Data Projectors

    Brighter text and sturdier hardware designed for regular professional use

  • OLED Panels

    The current pinnacle of visual technology-available in curved, ultra-thin (less than 1"), oversized (up to 88") and double-sided shapes for your home or business.

  • Hidden Displays

    Protect and hide your TVs and projector screens with built-in cabinetry or motorized enclosures to maintain the perfect aesthetic for home or work at all times

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