Distributed Wiring

Store sensitive equipment out of the way.

What is Distributed Wiring?

Distributed wiring is the practice of placing all peripheral equipment, including network switches, amplifiers, and video sources, in a single location. This helps maintain a tidy environment and makes system upgrades a breeze. It also helps use equipment more efficiently, since devices can be used for more purposes. For example, a surround sound receiver can also power music speakers in another room, or a video source can be accessed from two different TVs.

Main Benefits

  • Future Proof

    Swap equipment and add new devices easily, without cluttering up your living or working area.

  • Better Networks

    Reduce congestion in your wireless network by sending hardwired network connections to data-hungry devices like video streamers.

  • Efficiently Use Hardware

    Make smarter use of your equipment's capabilities by adapting it for multiple uses in your system. Examples include a receiver powering both an entertainment center and a music listening area, or a single audio player playing music in multiple rooms.

  • Easy and Convenient

    A dedicated equipment location makes integrating your systems into a cohesive experience much easier, since all of the devices are in a single place and reliable connectivity is not an issue.

  • Equipment Security

    Store equipment in a secure and temperature controlled location, away from traffic, to avoid theft, overheating, or accidental damage by personnel, visitors, and children.

  • Seamless Entertainment

    Distributed wiring makes it easy to enjoy the same music or video content in multiple places, even outside, for example in a restaurant or at home.

Distributed Wiring Solutions

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