Lutron Lighting & Shade Control

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What Is Lighting and Shade Control?

Lighting and shade automation from Lutron can make your life convenient in many ways. Imagine controlling multiple lights, such as the can lights, track lights and under-cabinet lights in your kitchen, with a single button or even your voice. You can use out-of-reach blinds with ease or have them automatically open and close on a schedule. Using this technology, you can even save energy by turning off unnecessary lights and using your windows to regulate your home's temperature. Thanks to our expertise, Digital Systems and Integration is your go-to source for Lutron Caseta installation and smart lighting installation services that deliver all these benefits and more.

Main Benefits

  • Save Energy

    Turn off all the lights automatically when nobody is around or at scheduled times.

  • Perfect Ambiance

    Create scenes or presents with multiple lights to set the perfect atmosphere with a single touch.

  • Wake Up Naturally

    Wake up organically by opening the blinds or turning up your lights every morning.

  • Natural Temperature Control

    Opening and closing your window coverings will help you naturally control your home's temperature and save energy.

  • Focused Presentations

    Automatically dimming lights and closing blinds during a presentation will help you stay focused during meetings.

  • Scene Control

    Manage your scenes and trigger any number of them easily with customized keypads or with your Control4 system.

Lutron Lighting & Shade Control Solutions

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Our history of working with these systems means we’re the best resource for Lutron shade control installation and smart lighting installation service in the area. When you turn to us for simple smart light switch installation or complete Lutron lighting installation service, you can count on receiving the perfect solution for your space. Whether you’re looking for smart home lighting installation service or a new automated light scheme for your office, we can provide full capabilities and the most advanced equipment. With decades of experience and a customer-first approach, we have the flexibility to create a solution that will address both your wants and needs. We’re dedicated to being available to our clients any time of the day to answer their questions and resolve any issues that might arise. If you’re ready to learn more about our services, reach out to us today. Let us craft the perfect setting for your home or office.

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