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What are Security Systems?

Security Systems use sensors, like door/window sensors and motion sensors, to detect when someone enters your home or business when they shouldn't be there. More importantly, with 24/7 monitoring, police can be alerted automatically so they can take action immediately. At Digital Systems, we can also integrate your security system with an automation and control system for additional convenience and security.

Main Benefits

  • Know When Family is Home

    Using your family phones' GPS, you can trigger notifications or pass a command to your smart home system when family members arrive (or leave.).

  • Smart Home Integration

    Integrate your alarm system with your smart home to automatically control your lights when you arm or disarm your system, or to make sure your doors are locked when you leave the house.

  • 24/7 Monitoring

    Our monitoring station is standing by at all hours with personnel ready to respond to any break-ins and alert law enforcement after confirming the alarm.

  • Save on Insurance

    Many insurance providers offer discounts for installing security systems, especially when coupled with a security camera (CCTV) system.

Security Solutions

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