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We have the knowledge and expertise to transform your home or business into a fully connected smart building by designing, installing and servicing audio/video, security and other technology systems. When you count on us to perform a smart home installation or to convert your offices, you’ll gain complete control over virtually every aspect of your technology from a single point. A fully integrated smart home or business utilizes sophisticated computerized controls to do everything from dimming the lights to setting the thermostat to starting a playlist. An office or home automation installation enables you to do it all with nothing more than your fingertips. You’ll enjoy convenience as well as increased energy efficiency.

Control4 Automation

Coordinate your home with the push of a button.

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Networking and WiFi

A solid local network provides a stable foundation for a reliable technology system.

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Lutron Lighting & Shade Control

Automate and synchronize all of your lights and window coverings to set the perfect atmosphere and save energy.

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Commercial Automation & Control

Automate your business's routine tasks and use a unified interface to control all technology systems.

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Displays & Projectors

Projectors, TVs, and other displays for homes and businesses.

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Access Control

Control who can access which rooms at what times and keep track of user activity.

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Home Audio

Sound for music, movies, and TV without the messy wires and hardware.

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Monitor your home or office for intruders and alert authorities when something goes wrong.

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Security Cameras

Monitor your premises with HD cameras packed with modern technology.

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Distributed Wiring

A single dedicated location for all of your sensitive equipment makes for cleaner installs and easier maintenance.

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Pro Audio

Professional-grade audio for live events, restaurants, paging systems and more.

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Video Collaboration

Use technology to meet with clients and enable your remote workers to work as if they are in the office with you.

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Who We Serve

Connect your whole home with technology, from your surround sound to your security system, and control it all through a single easy app (or even your voice.)

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Empower your workers with the latest technology, including lightning fast WiFi, video conferencing, smart boards, and automation systems.

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Connect your apartments and offer your tenants the latest amenities, including smart access control, security, automation, audio/video and much more.

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Live and Work in the 21 st Century

Smart home automation installation can completely change the way you live and work. With it, you can stream media to any screen in your house or business, monitor your property for security threats, conference with coworkers in remote offices and adjust your climate control even when you’re not in the building. The complexity of these systems means it pays to have trained professionals install your smart technology system. With our expert smart home setup services, you can be certain that we will leave behind a seamless integration of all the tech you need to make your life easier. Digital Systems and Integration is your comprehensive source for smart home installation services. Our knowledgeable and highly qualified technicians will be there every step of the way to ensure that your system is designed, installed and serviced with you in mind. When we’re finished, you’ll have a house or commercial property that is fully functional for life in the 21st century.

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