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The 4 ingredients to an annoyance-free conference room

Conference rooms. They get a bad rap, am I right? So many cords. Nothing connected. No one to call. Meeting starts in five minutes! We have all been there, and it is the worst.

And, this really was the makeup of the conference rooms circa the early 2000–So. Many. Black. Wires. Having just finished a conference room install for a client, it made me think about how when we were all done I saw literally no cords, and how sleek, simple and cool the setup looked. I love how when a conference room is done properly, it is so streamlined. Anyone can walk into these rooms and figure out how to get started.

Today I am going to share the foundational ingredients to the 2020 conference room. I think you will be surprised at how minimal the list really is!

1) TV display

The heart and soul of the 2020 conference room is a mounted TV display, which can be used for screen sharing, video conferencing, presentations, white boarding/note taking, etc.

2) Strong WiFi

Since the connection from the TV to the computers is wireless, strong WiFi is crucial. We mount additional ports inconspicuously around the room.

3) iPad/touch panel

A central control hub usually takes the form of a tablet that can either be mounted or float around the room. Here is where you can adjust the volume, lighting, inputs, etc.

4) Lighting
To easily address potential screen glare either install motorized window coverings or window frosting. Either option can be tied into the central control hub.

That’s it! We’ve installed this exact setup a number of times over the past few months and clients are reporting back that it is working seamlessly. We also just did a cool install in the lobby of a dermatologist office with large TV digital signage–stay tuned for more info on that!

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