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Have you optimized your Comfort?

Since we’re going to be inside for roughly the next six months, it’s time to think about every single way to make your home feel cozy and comfortable. Good thing Control4 literally has an app built into the system that is centrally focusing on that very subject! Today, let’s make sure that you are fully optimizing your Control4 Comfort settings for optimal winter coziness. For some of you, this may be just a few tweaks here and there. For a full overhaul, please schedule an appointment with us to set up everything for the winter.

Here’s a rundown of everything your comfort app can do for you:

Climate: Once your thermostat is integrated, of course you can activate and run schedules through your phone and touch screen, but did you realize you can do it by voice? See our full Alexa integration post here. You can also set up seasonal programs, which can adjust the temperature, timing and your central humidifier. Most importantly, this is where you can light your gas fireplace!

Blinds + Shades: Raise, lower or partially raise blinds and shades in the whole house or in particular rooms. Sometimes in the winter it provides more insulation to keep shades at least partially drawn, but still let some sunlight in! Contact me for a full list of the manufacturers Control4 integrates with for a seamless experience. We can also work on timing your blinds opening/closing, thermostat, and lights just right for the best energy efficiency.

Outdoor Control: Sometimes the only thing to do is watch a football game on your outdoor TV, am I right? Turn on your outdoor heater and get things cozy before kick off with Outdoor Control. In the summer months, this is where you can turn on pool and spa heaters, and sprinkler/lawn care systems.

Intercom Anywhere: A lot of clients don’t have Intercom Anywhere setup, or don’t use it, and this is a mistake! Use it when your doorbell rings to either give access or observe the person at the door. You can also call any touch screen from your phone to talk to people in another room–just like an old fashioned intercom, but way cooler. It’s so helpful!

My last recommendation is to take a look at your lighting settings since you may want to adjust timing and/or brightness. One of the reasons I love Control4 so much is because the better question is always what Control4 can’t do since it can basically do just about anything! Definitely give us a call or email if you would like us to “winterize your Comfort settings!”

That’s really it! A few decisions and then you could be on your way to theater-quality entertainment. So many times I see people buy those sound bars or other big-box technology that brakes after only a few years. This professional setup is light years beyond, and will truly last!

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