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Here’s how to make your Control4 totally touchless. One word: Alexa

Are you ready for me to make you fall in love with your Alexa even more? Here it goes: Did you know you can integrate Alexa with your Control4 system for a totally touchless/wireless experience? It’s true. With the Control4/Alexa integration, you can communicate verbally with your home, commanding anything from cleaning to music and lighting for entertaining to whatever you prefer to happen the second on walk through the door and say “Alexa, I’m home!”

How many Alexa’s do I need and where?
To break it down a bit further, you will need one Alexa per room you would like to control verbally. We typically see the integration work best in the kitchen, living room, family room and master bedroom, however it can work wherever makes most sense for your family.

What can Alexa control?
What can Alexa control, you may ask? The answer is literally anything that you Control4 managess–turning on lights, opening window treatment, turning on the radio/TV at a certain time each day, setting the mood with a specific light dimness and music–the list goes on and on!

What about Android?
So now for the elephant in the room: does Control4 integrate with Android/Google Home? The answer is kind of. Control4 has heavily invested in the integration to the point that they hired the mastermind behind the Alexa, Charlie Kindel, as a senior vice president of products and services. As a result, the integration is pretty spot on and seamless. We can definitely try to make it work with Google Voice, but it won’t be quite as smooth. While we are on the subject, Nest and EchoBee also have great Alexa integrations, which we can also help with!

How do I get started?
Now for the good stuff–how do we get this done for you? Pretty simply. This should be a one, maybe two day visit depending on how many rooms you want to set up with the Alexa. We will also help you with recommendations on the best command key words, and of course show you how everything works!

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