Access Control

Control the foot traffic in your premises.

How Access Control Works

Using key cards, keypads, or both depending on your business's needs, we can control who goes where in your building. Individuals will receive their own unique card or code, and can only access appropriate areas, at the scheduled times.

Practical Benefits of Access Control Systems

How Digital Systems Does Access Control

The solutions we offer are fully integrated experiences. This means that your access control system won't be in isolation, but in harmony with the rest of your technology system. For example, you can unlock conference rooms and activate their lighting and audio-video together, or schedule your lighting and HVAC systems with your access control system, so energy is only used when needed. This means your staff won't waste time learning many different systems, and can easily incorporate your technology systems into their daily routine.

  • Use key cards or personal key codes to limit access to your premises to staff or contractors.

  • Unlock your conference rooms and automatically activate the audio/video equipment to speed up meetings.

  • Security staff can buzz in guests after confirming their identity through a connected camera system.

  • Give restricted access to maintenance and cleaning personnel on a custom schedule.

  • Keep records of credential usage to help minimize and resolve theft and other issues.

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How We Do It

A well thought out access control system can play a central part in your business operations, especially when integrated with your security, automation, and CCTV systems. It will physically secure your servers, buzz in guests, and grant maintenance staff access without added hurdles for your staff.