Smart Boards

Technology to help you share ideas.

Interactive Displays for Businesses

Empower your staff to collaborate across offices and devices as if they were in the same room. Brainstorm your ideas and present them quickly and with impact using a combination of free-hand writing/drawing, computer connectivity, and collaborative presentations.

Smart Boards

How Smart Boards Work

Smart boards work and look like typical displays, but include proprietary software that lets you write and draw images directly on the display as if it were a white board. Smart boards are available in either flat panel TV or projector form factor, depending on your size requirements.

  • Work organically with your hands instead of with a keyboard and mouse.

  • Collaborate with your teammates easily, both in the office and abroad.

  • Have free-form brainstorming sessions, and automatically save all of your notes.

  • Interactive projectors give your team a large canvas for multiple people to use simultaneously.

  • Integrate with your automation system to switch between different functions (video conferencing, collaboration, etc.) easily .

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How We Do It

Smart boards can be used in many ways, including as part of a larger conference room, or as an additional monitor for a workstation. Depending on your needs, we can integrate your smart board into various systems to make work easier for your team like an automation and control system, video conferencing system, or your network.