Multifamily Residential Solutions

Technology solutions for builders, property managers and landlords.

Connected Apartments

Renters' and homeowners' tastes have matured in the last few years, with smart phone connectivity expected of any new system. We have been driving that change forward since 2014, by creating integrated environments in apartments and condominiums before the term "smart home" entered popular culture.

Multifamily Residential Solutions

What Sets Us Apart

We always take a long term and big picture approach when designing and installing systems. We combine the different technologies we offer to create experiences that our clients will use everyday. That means using up-to-date equipment that will stand the test of time, allowing for easy ongoing updates, and being flexible enough to meet our clients' unique needs.

  • Access Control

    Smart phone connected front door access with two-way communication.

  • Smart Apartments

    A home automation system can save your tenants money, and add convenience to their daily lives.

  • Home Entertainment

    Give your clients an immersive movie experience without having to leave their home.

  • WiFi and Networks

    Custom WiFi systems tuned to your specific building to avoid interference with the walls and other WiFi systems.

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