Residential Solutions

Technology systems for homeowners.

Connected Homes

Integrate all of your home’s technology and electronics — including your lighting, security and entertainment systems – into a single platform with the latest technology. Then power it all with a reliable network that will put every aspect of it at your fingertips. At Digital Systems, we have experience building all types of residential home automation systems and, more importantly, the knowledge to make everything work together seamlessly.

With expertly installed residential automation control systems from us, you can gain total control over virtually all of your home’s technology. You can dim your lighting, adjust your thermostat, monitor your security cameras and stream your music to any room. You can do all of this from a single control panel on your wall, your tablet or your smartphone, even with just the sound of your voice. With our full home automation system design, you can be sure that every component of your connected home systems will give you the highest level of convenience. Our integrated residential smart technology installation makes everything as easy and worry-free as possible.

Residential Solutions

What Sets Us Apart

We always take a long-term, big-picture approach when designing and installing systems. We combine the various technologies we offer to create a 24-hour experience that our clients will use and enjoy on a constant basis. Our smart house installation services utilize up-to-date equipment that will stand the test of time, allowing for easy ongoing updates and with enough flexibility to meet our clients’ unique needs.

  • Whole Home Audio

    Let individual family members enjoy their favorite music around the house or synchronize everything for party mode. We can centralize your entire music library and give you instant access to set the mood..

  • Smart Home

    Automate repetitive tasks and control all your systems through a single app. This not only makes many of your daily chores easier but also helps improve your energy efficiency by preventing waste from lights that are left on or a thermostat that’s set too high.

  • Media Rooms

    Treat yourself to a dedicated media room with surround sound, theater seating, high-end video displays and more. Our expertise will ensure that you can lose yourself in a fully immersive experience.

  • WiFi and Networks

    Enjoy reliable connectivity all around your home, in your back yard and anywhere else you need it. Forget about dead spots and slow speeds, because our experts can provide you with complete coverage.

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