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What is Control4?

Think of Control4 home automation as your home's brain. It connects the different systems of your home — including your front gate, lights, security, audio and sprinkler — into a single platform. This lets you create synchronized actions across multiple systems, like shutting off your lights and arming your security system when you leave or turning on music and lights when you entertain. It’s all possible with the touch of a single button.

When you choose Digital Systems, you’ll be working with the most experienced Control4 installers in the industry. Our expertise with Control4 smart home installation means we can provide seamless connection of all the most important technology in your house or business. With complete Control4 integration, your property’s essential systems will work together like you never thought possible. This level of connectivity makes living and working much more convenient and enjoyable. Our experience makes us the top Control4 service company, and we’re eager to show you how we’ve earned our reputation.

Main Benefits

  • Smart Lights

    Synchronize your lights and control them easily through your phone or with your voice. Instantly have the ideal lighting for whatever your mood or task.

  • Access Control

    See who is at the front door and let them in — even remotely. It’s perfect for secure package deliveries or for kids returning from school. With a Control4 home automation system, you’ll never have to worry about waiting around for a delivery or technician to arrive.

  • Climate Control

    Conserve energy and always enjoy the perfect temperature without fiddling with the thermostat. You’ll also save money on your utility bills because you can ensure that your HVAC system won’t run unless you need it.

  • Smart Sprinklers

    Automate your sprinklers so you never have to think about watering your lawn — even skip rainy days to conserve water. With our help, you can take the guesswork out of caring for your yard.

  • Seamless Music

    Enjoy music in every room of your house and control it all with just your voice. Set the mood for any situation or time of day by instantly starting the right playlist.

  • Outdoor Experiences

    Bring convenience outside with smart audio and video entertainment and lighting. Transform your backyard into the perfect space for entertaining or relaxing with your family.

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