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Enjoying Home Audio

Audio technology is simple—all we have to do is push sound through speakers using an amplifier. However, speakers come in different form factors and levels of quality, while amplifiers and music sources are just as confusing to pick. A whole home will use a combination of devices from across the spectrum.—for example, one of our typical homes might include a pair of simple in-ceiling speakers for the kitchen, architectural speakers in the backyard, and a set of floor standing speakers for a dedicated media room, with a music player sending music to the kitchen and yard, and a variety of media sources providing video content to the media room.

Main Benefits

  • Whole Home Audio

    Enjoy music around your home, in the areas your family uses most often.

  • Immersive Entertainment

    Enjoy movies and TVs with immersive sound that makes you feel like you're there.

  • Lighting & Shade Integration

    Set the perfect mood when relaxing, cooking, or doing other activities by synchronizing your music and other smart home systems.

  • Hi-Fi Stereo

    Audiophiles and music lovers can enjoy dedicated listening areas with all analog systems and acoustic treatment.

  • Outdoor Audio

    Listen to music outside and enjoy the nice weather before winter comes around and ruins it all over again.

  • Dolby Atmos

    The Atmos standard places speakers both in the ceiling and at ear level at precise locations, for realistic sound that moves around the listener.

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