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Why Networking Matters

Our lives revolve around devices that rely on network connectivity, including phones, tablets, thermostats, music, and even doorbells. Digital Solutions designs networks suited to your needs and budget—no building or project is alike, and we pay special attention to make sure your WiFi will work around your building's obstructions and interference.

Main Benefits

  • Network Line Drops

    Make sure your stationary devices, including workstations, media centers, and printers, have rock-solid connectivity without unsightly wires.

  • Consistent WiFi Coverage

    In larger homes and businesses, wireless access points—small devices installed on walls or ceilings similar to smoke detectors—are necessary for even connectivity throughout.

  • Secure Guest Networks

    Provide a dedicated, throttled, and isolated network for guests while keeping your network and information safe.

  • Blazing Fast

    We test and certify all of our wiring, connections, and devices to make sure your network performs on par with world-class networks.

Networking and WiFi Solutions

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