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Modern Surveillance Technology

Security camera technology has grown dramatically in the past several years. Even basic systems are higher quality and less expensive than the most advanced systems available a few years ago. Plus, recent innovations also let us protect your high-value assets using purpose-made cameras and software designed for specialized tasks.

Main Benefits

  • 24/7 Recording

    You can record the camera feeds all the time, only when motion is detected, or never at all, depending on the application and desired level of privacy.

  • High Definition

    Most modern CCTV cameras offer HD quality, resulting in crisp footage that can be used in court or for other high-priority situations.

  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom

    PTZ cameras can swivel side to side, tilt up and down, and zoom in an out either through a joystick controller for a security operator, or directly through the smart phone app.

  • Facial Recognition +

    Cutting edge technology can now remember individuals, and know when they visit again. They can also record license plate numbers for garages and parking lots, or alert you when particular areas are breached by people or vehicles.

  • Audio Recording

    Cameras with built-in microphones can record audio to help you solve business problems quicker.

  • Smart Entry

    Cameras at your front gate or door can alert you when somebody is at the door and help you identify them or let them in using your smart home system.

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