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What is Video Collaboration?

Video Collaboration is a suite of devices—including microphones, cameras, video displays, and the control systems that conduct the orchestra—that let you conduct meetings and engage in other group activities with teams spread all over the world. Whether you rely on a fleet of remote workers, have office locations spread coast to coast, or work with clients around the world, video collaboration will help you do more with your team and your time.

Main Benefits

  • Increase Productivity

    Remote conversations and meetings will be much more fluid with better technology.

  • Lower Travel Costs

    You will grow less reliant on in-person meetings for your business as you get used to video collaboration.

  • Faster Decision Making

    Make faster decisions and go to market sooner by calling meetings and gathering stakeholders with no travel time.

  • Streamlined Workflow

    By integrating your system into your automation & control system, you can incorporate video collaboration into your daily tasks and streamline your workflow.

  • Better Relationships

    Build relationships and talk to clients face-to-face more often without traveling.

  • Remote Workforce

    Engage and enable your remote workers by talking with them face-to-face regularly.

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