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Streamline Your Chicago Office with Atlona Conference Room Schedulers

Efficient use of meeting spaces is crucial for productivity and collaboration. For Chicago businesses looking to optimize their office spaces, Atlona’s conference room scheduling solutions offer a cutting-edge answer to the perennial challenge of managing meeting rooms. 


The Power of Atlona’s Velocity Room Scheduling System

Atlona’s Velocity Room Scheduling system is designed to provide real-time information on meeting space availability and upcoming events. This sophisticated system integrates seamlessly with popular calendar applications, displaying schedules on sleek touch panels installed at the entrance of each room.

Hardware Options for Every Office

Atlona understands that different offices have different needs. That’s why they offer a variety of user-friendly devices to suit any workspace:

Easy-to-Use Touch Screens
  • 8-inch screens with colorful lights: These handy displays show room availability at a glance. The lights change color to indicate if a room is free or occupied.
  • 10-inch all-in-one screens: Perfect for smaller offices, these larger screens combine scheduling and control features in one sleek package.
Smart Control Hubs
  • Hardware Hubs: Think of these as the brains of the operation. They can manage schedules for multiple rooms, from just a few to dozens.
  • Software Hubs: For larger offices, this option lets you run the scheduling system on your existing computers, saving space and integrating smoothly with your IT setup.


Benefits for Chicago Businesses

Implementing Atlona’s conference room scheduling system through Digital Systems AV can bring numerous advantages to your Chicago office:

  1. Improved Space Utilization: Reduce double-bookings and unused reservations
  2. Enhanced Productivity: Employees can quickly find and book available spaces
  3. Simplified Meeting Management: Integrate with existing calendar systems for seamless scheduling
  4. Professional Appearance: Sleek, modern touch panels enhance your office aesthetic
  5. Scalability: Easily expand the system as your business grows


Beyond Scheduling: AV Control Integration

One of the unique features of Atlona’s Velocity system is its ability to combine room scheduling with AV control capabilities. This integration allows for:

  • Displaying AV control QR codes on scheduling panels for BYOD device control
  • Seamless transitions from room booking to meeting setup
  • Centralized management of both scheduling and AV systems


Digital Systems AV: Your Chicago Atlona Expert

As a trusted Chicago integrator, Digital Systems AV brings extensive experience in installing smart systems and AV solutions in commercial office spaces. Our team of experts can:

  • Assess your office layout and needs
  • Design a custom Atlona scheduling solution
  • Professionally install and configure the system
  • Provide ongoing support and maintenance


By partnering with Digital Systems AV, you ensure a smooth implementation of Atlona’s conference room scheduling system, tailored to your Chicago office’s unique requirements. Ready to transform your Chicago office with state-of-the-art room scheduling technology? Contact us today to explore how Atlona’s solutions can revolutionize your workspace management.

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