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What if I told you I could get pretty close to recreating your experience in a movie theater at home? Would you believe me? With the Chicago weather continuing to transition to colder and more winter-like, you’d probably be pretty excited about this news, am I right? The Chicagoan and tech geek inside me are equally excited. The truth is, home theaters have gotten scary close to the experience of watching a movie at the theater, and it’s easier than you think to create a home theater in your own home.

Atmos at home
Dolby Atmos technology is what makes the movie experience at the theater so amazing–action happening behind characters sound like they are behind you, and you truly feel a part of the experience. Aside from the giant screen it is the audio that sets that Atmos creates the theater experience apart from what you can create at home, until now! At its core, Atmos is about two things: the positioning of speakers, and the way information is transmitted throughout the system. What was once speakers on two sides is now speakers placed behind and most importantly above viewers in the ceiling.

Speaker setup
At home theater setups are described by the number of speakers used, plus a subwoofer. For example, an at home theater with five speakers is called a 5.1 setup–the .1 denoting the subwoofer. A 5.1 setups is the minimum, and there truly is no maximum, haha! Typically we install anywhere from 5-9 speakers, and there is no minimum room size. We make recommendations to clients based on their specific home and what makes the most sense for their lifestyle. Room size, shape, the type of media you consume, and budget are all factors we take into account when building the right setup for you. I also love to tell clients when we are installing in-wall speakers that a good quality speaker should last a long time, like around 20+ years. So you really don’t have to worry about doing this twice.

TV or projector?
The next consideration is whether or not to go with a projector. TVs have also come an extremely long way, and we are currently using 4K technology, which is phenomenal. For homeowners who have space limitations or are viewing on a screen up to 80 inches, I would definitely go with a 4K TV. For those who want something bigger, we recommend a projector. Projectors are great because they can retract so that when you aren’t viewing, the room can be used for other purposes.

That’s really it! A few decisions and then you could be on your way to theater-quality entertainment. So many times I see people buy those sound bars or other big-box technology that brakes after only a few years. This professional setup is light years beyond, and will truly last!

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